Registered Office

ExtraVerte Ltd is registered in England & Wales. Our registered number is 07103790, and our registered address is 55 Springfield Road, Bristol BS6 5SW

Valued Added Tax Registration

Our VAT registration number is 982 1927 90

Intellectual Property

The images, design, and text on this website took time and effort to make. The copyright belongs to ExtraVerte Ltd or to whichever of us took the photograph. We're immensely flattered that you like it enough to want to use it yourself, but if you do please ask first and we can discuss terms.

Misdirected emails

Every now and again an email goes astray and ends up somewhere we didn't expect. If you're the recipient of one of these strays, it'll be obvious it wasn't aimed at you. Please accept our apologies for filling your mailbox with our rubbish and delete the mail. Please don't pass it onto anyone else or use it to a purpose for which it wasn't intended. Play nice. If our sending it annoyed you, by all means email us to tell us so and we'll do our best not do so again.

Printing emails

Hopefully, there's no need to print any email we send you. If you want to clean out your mailbox why not consider saving the file as a pdf or a rich text document. That way, you get to keep the text but no trees have to die.